Art Gallery to Personal Collection

In this article you’ll learn about DANYOL’s interest in Abstract art. You’ll also find information about where to find his work in an art gallery. You will also learn about how to contact DANYOL in regards to an art gallery

Duct Tape DANYOL has mastered Kandinsky’s secret recipe. That is his recipe of color of course. The once Der Blaue Reiter artist was a master of abstraction and color. This artist popular in every art history book expressed feeling through color. His works were expressions of ideas and feelings conveyed by color. 150 years after DANYOL has cracked the code but added his own special sauce. DANYOL, of course, has added duct tape to his scores and compositions. The artist is now using the juxtaposition and arrangement of colored duct tape to create works suitable for any art gallery. Anywhere there is an art gallery for Kandinsky’s work, there should be an adjacent one for DANYOL’s.

When you go to an opening at an art gallery you’ll always find one thing. You’ll see the artist standing in front of their work telling stories. DANYOL would undoubtedly be in front of his work holding a glass of Jack DANYOL’s. This of course is a play on the popular whiskey drink. DANYOL might be explaining his puns or telling other stories. He might be in the art gallery telling of how duct tape just started to stick. He started working with duct tape by applying it to friends’ footwear. Image the same colorful composition as in Self Portrait I on someone’s new kicks! DANYOL’s artwork is sure to please at the reception. But the art gallery is usually very entertained with his stories of his artistic journey.

An Abstract Art Gallery

DANYOL has work in galleries and cafes all over The United States. However Self Portrait I would be suited best for an Abstract Art gallery. The work is both conceptual as well as non-objective. The colorful dreamlike thought bubble behind the figure of DANYOL is probably the most striking aspect. This is also the most abstract. It’s a haze of expressive colors. The artist’s interest in the arrangement of duct tape is clearly with color. Nothing more than the juxtaposition of colors here is important. However, one can’t help but notice the laser beams. Those striking streaks of color that emit from DANYOL’s eyes and bounce around the art gallery are shocking. This is the bridge from the Abstract to the figurative. DANYOL is a master of portraiture. It makes sense that he would somehow incorporate the figurative into that Abstract Art gallery somehow. Clearly here is visible the makings of another superb self portrait. This meticulous and colorful work is obviously why DANYOL is so popular in the art gallery.

You can find a list of Oakland art galleries at The Art Murmur site.

Many of the artist’s work exhibit non-objectivity, but there’s something different here. This work sort of screams with abstraction. You might be thinking of ways to save it and put it in its proper home. Contact DANYOL if you’d be interested in helping. This work should definitely be placed in a specifically Abstract Art gallery. You may also be interested in adding the work to your own collection or just purchasing it individually. If so, again, you are welcome to contact DANYOL for more information. Either way it would make much more sense if this work were in an art gallery with neighboring abstraction.


They haven’t yet added DANYOL’s artwork to the majestic listing in the dictionary. However it can be easily argued that his work is just downright beautiful. It’s emotional colors of abstraction and even its soulful portraits make it magical and substantial. It seems like perfect sense that it should be in an art gallery along with his other works. Hopefully the masterful skill and vision is clear.

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