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This duct tape artist will tell you stories of his interesting life for hours. For instance, Duct Tape DANYOL didn’t start out working with duct tape on canvas. He was putting pinstripes on friends’ sneakers with colored tape. Interested onlookers soon requested the same new fashion which gave him some ideas. DANYOL still works with paint, but this inspired something different. Excited by all the small commissions, he then changed his name to “Duct Tape DANYOL” and began working hard on his newfound duct tape art. Ever since then he’s been fine tuning his craft and has become quite impressive. People like this story because it demonstrates how long he’s been working with this medium.

You won’t find many other serious artists in America with such interesting stories: The number of artists working with duct tape or even other kinds of tape is next to none. Duct Tape DANYOL is certainly a purveyor and maybe a trailblazer of this peculiar medium. DANYOL even uses duct tape to create texture in his portraits that he’s been creating since a very young age. This has given him many years of practice to really understand the material. It’s a challenge to perfect something when you’re the only one doing it, but DANYOL continues to demonstrate an impressive determination to keep making powerful works of art.

Duct Tape DANYOL Artist Statement

Get a “real” job!

Working for someone else/fulfilling someone else’s dreams just to make a dollar is a pretty unhappy way to live… unless you share a passion in what they do. Now, that is my experience in this life, so I speak for myself only.

If I were to behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards, I wouldn’t be who I am today; an individual.


Duct Tape DANYOL often leaves his workspace after hours, sometimes days, of ripping tape with bleeding cuticles and callus hands. Like pieces of torn tape, little pieces of DANYOL are mixed in with the work. And it’s this passion and zeal that makes his work so important among Contemporary Art. DANYOL’s works every day with individuality and the ideas of the artist. There’s more than just blood, sweat, tears, and bits of tape that goes into these works.

Duct Tape DANYOL has had the opportunity to see much of the world and The United States. He started his career in Boulder, Colorado under the name Danyol Bernal. Early in his career, DANYOL worked as a portraiture artist. He has done portraits of Chelsea, Olivia de Havilland, and many other gorgeous lasses. He has a strong background in painting and creating portraits of many interesting people. As is evident in many of his neon duct tape works, his art has become so loved that it can be found across the country. DANYOL now lives and works in The San Francisco Bay Area.

DANYOL has a specific creative vision, but also is very skilled in many different creative practices. He is a commission artist also with many art installations. If you’re interested in contracting DANYOL for a custom work or an artistic endeavor, kindly let him know by using the contact form found here on the website.

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