Portrait Painting of DJ Jackie House

Portrait Painting

Portrait painting is a practice as old as the medium it relies on. It was born out of both the elite’s desire to be painted and the artist’s need to consistently find work. Unfortunately, as with most art, it is unlikely to align perfectly with work that is creatively fulfilling. Initially lords, ladies, kings, and queens may not always have the court painters’ style of portrait painting in mind. But, tastes naturally grow more sophisticated as culture evolves. This allows for more unique forms of portrait painting. And, as always, artists would not be artists if they were unable to find ways to circumvent dull restrictions. As such, portrait painting, like all art forms, has evolved to the point of being a platform through which nearly any ideas and feelings can be expressed.

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A Tape Art Painting with a Bit of Fuzz

Tape Art Painting

Texture can be created by a number of different, sometimes unusual, medias such as tape art painting. Texture is one of the most underappreciated aspects of fine art. Perhaps this is because it is not especially varied in most visual media. As an element that stimulates multiple sense (sight and touch) one would think it was ripe for use by creative minds who enjoy playing with perception. And yet it so often goes ignored in favor of further experimentation with visual design, experimentation that leaves certain tropes unchallenged. More often than not, paintings look and feel like paint on canvas, photographs are printed on the same material, and sculptures forgo a unique grain for accuracy of vision. It sure would be nice to have some furry art right about now!

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Duct Tape Creations and Fine Art

Duct Tape Creations

They’re not duct tape creations worth seeing unless there’s a mass of vibrant colors that explode from vast abyss of black glitter. This piece offers a view into another world of color where there’s vibrant colors of duct tape so bright that even where things are gray and monochromatic gentle salmon colors are even noticeable. Here is a portal to this world that rips open from a majestic void of darkness that gently shimmers and sparkles. The creator of this duct tape art is instantly recognizable, since only DANYOL can offer such an eruption of color and drama in his world of duct duct tape art.

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Cool Duct Tape Landscape Painting

Cool Duct Tape

This magical and extraordinarily surreal piece of cool duct tape art was conceived at the crest of a creative turning point in DANYOL’s artistic career as a duct tape artist. Duct Tape DANYOL Crystals and portals are by no means the genesis of DANYOL’S crystals pieces. Crystals have been seen in DANYOL’s Modern art such as his Untitled II and Fisting Portal. However this piece was created early on in his stunning series of his crystal metaphors making it a sort of catalyst to the evolution of his themes. This artwork is also important because it’s very vital to the artist’s ever evolving identity and his relationship with the public. Unlike the stirring Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, It was very well received by DANYOL’s close peers and represents such an emotional time for him that it earned a title that reflects his own identity and experiences. In this way this artwork is powerful in its theme and also in its insight into and nostalgia of the artist’s personal life. With all that said, it’s clear and quite simple to see even without knowing beforehand the history and importance of Duct Tape DANYOL Crystals, that this piece is a well-crafted piece of other-worldly artwork.

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Masking Tape Painting Designs that Sparkle

Masking Tape Painting Designs

This unique art is DANYOL’s introduction into portal work. DANYOL himself would consider this a quintessential addition to his collection of duct tape art. This very rare art-form exhibits many of the signature traits that people have come to see in his portal works. Famous unique artists would be able to identify several interesting forms in Untitled II that make for an enticing composition. The background is something to drift aimlessly in forever. People always comment on the surreal and space-like qualities of the black glitter DANYOL uses around his unique art paintings. It’s very clear to see why this shimmering space is so interesting to people in this unique art design. The most prominent attention-grabber is the clusters of vibrantly colored stalagmites. DANYOL refers to these as portals but their appearance and their purpose is nothing but ambiguous. These overwhelming pin-striped shapes of color are mysterious and makes the artistic design interesting. DANYOL goes even further by giving the portals volume as if they were crystals beamed in from another world. The artist uses rich glossy oil paint to facet the portal shapes. This adds depth to them. The black lines of oil paint as well as the stroke of white duct tape around the portals adds another layer of complex intrigue. This masterpiece is the first of its kind. This wonderfully unique art screams with all the beautiful attributes of DANYOL’s portal artworks. Unique artists from all over are in awe at the wonderful use of design and mystery used to create such a new kind of artwork.

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Tape Art Canvas with Strange Dimensions

Tape Art Canvas

This isn’t just a strong Abstract Art example by DANYOL. These rich and vibrant splashes of paint show the inspiration and the single catalyst for a strong stylistic change in works for the artist. This canvas painting became such a beacon of change in the artist’s style as well as in his personal life that it earned a name. He refers to the images and motifs in his latest style of Abstract Art shown here “Portals.” These sticky and organic portals into who-knows-what realms of The Cosmos have endured a recent long run of inspirational oil and acrylic paint works. This work is an example, a milestone, and perhaps even a portal itself into the next chapters of DANYOL’s life and works.

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Cityscape Art that Sticks

Cityscape Art

Works of fine art like those in The Denver Art Museum depicting cityscapes generally fall under the purview of landscape art. Such pieces like cityscape art tend to serve a straightforward purpose: to depict the aesthetic beauty of a vast area of land. As such, they are prone to realism, and eschew the logic-defying or emotionally resonant expressionist qualities of most Modern Art. Of course, there are exceptions, but when one thinks of a cityscape art, their mind is unlikely to wander beyond guessing what specific landscape is being depicted, and appreciating the skill required to create such an accurate vision.

But when you’ve chosen to work with duct tape, realism isn’t necessarily your highest priority.

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