Canvas Tape Painting Never Before Seen

The artist is not alone in his excitement about the newest work of art. This work from The Portals canvas tape painting is held very dear by the artist. Much time, work, and love has gone into Lone Wolf. And it’s no wonder people are reacting to it. Read about why the critics and other artists are raving about this new work.

DANYOL’s artistic career is becoming quite the journey though space and skill! His style and skill never ceases to evolve. And now portals are looking like loner’s in space. DANYOL’s style, and more importantly, skill can be seen here in Lone Wolf. Even by observing the Portals Collection of canvas tape painting alone, it’s apparent that this latest work has some of the best magical qualities. This work is the cherry on top. It is the latest duct tape work and is certainly the sweetest. DANYOL’s work is all amazing but we’ve never seen such magnificent works in the Portals Collection.

The glitter is not the only thing that sparkles in this design. DANYOL’s use of colors and paint are sure to dazzle collectors. The artist tosses and turns each nigh with the dreams of pinstriped duct tape. It’s no wonder the application of colored duct tape here is outstanding. It will surely glow brighter than most paintings in its new canvas tape painting. It is a dream itself. The art collectors will surely marvel at the surreal color choices. The ending in monochrome is something DANYOL was very excited to incorporate. The stark contrast of colors between each other and with the dark glitter are going to impress art buyers all over The States.

New Addition of Canvas Tape Painting

The process of this work, too, is nothing short of jaw-dropping. As always the process from conception to the finished work is long and tedious. The artist may well also be a novelist. DANYOL spent many hours writing about this particular work. The writings help him get his ideas in order for the work. But DANYOL also is a superb draftsman. He probably spent much more time actually sketching out the shape and complexity of the portal itself. There was a lot of time put into this piece for art collectors to enjoy. All this, of course, was done before adding the many beautiful details. There’s many beautiful nuances in this painting that surely anyone would enjoy.

DANYOL puts on a show both in his artwork and while making it. DANYOL doesn’t often create work in front of people. He never shares his writing! But when he offers a glimpse into his process, collectors are never short of honored. It’s a truly beautiful experience for a buyer to witness this evolution of such impeccable work.

The latest piece in DANYOL’s Portals collection of canvas tape painting is already a hot item. The buzz is loud. This original artwork has already gotten much praise from the artist’s peers and mentors. He’s very excited to have created something so relatable. DANYOL poured much of his creative soul into this already popular work. His heart is warmed that so many people can identify with the piece. The piece looks and has an air of magic to it and people know it. DANYOL suspects it will be sold to a private buyer or art collector soon.


Lone Wolf by DANYOL is one of the latest and most impressive works by the artist. The vision of a true artist is clear and apparent. The critics and buyers are already raving. This is especially true of those that have had the pleasure of seeing the creation of Lone Wolf. This is going to be a truly hot work of art in coming canvas tape painting works.

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