Cool Duct Tape Landscape Painting

This magical and extraordinarily surreal piece of cool duct tape art was conceived at the crest of a creative turning point in DANYOL’s artistic career as a duct tape artist. Duct Tape DANYOL Crystals and portals are by no means the genesis of DANYOL’S crystals pieces. Crystals have been seen in DANYOL’s Modern art such as his Untitled II and Fisting Portal. However this piece was created early on in his stunning series of his crystal metaphors making it a sort of catalyst to the evolution of his themes. This artwork is also important because it’s very vital to the artist’s ever evolving identity and his relationship with the public. Unlike the stirring Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, It was very well received by DANYOL’s close peers and represents such an emotional time for him that it earned a title that reflects his own identity and experiences. In this way this artwork is powerful in its theme and also in its insight into and nostalgia of the artist’s personal life. With all that said, it’s clear and quite simple to see even without knowing beforehand the history and importance of Duct Tape DANYOL Crystals, that this piece is a well-crafted piece of other-worldly artwork.

Making these Cool Duct Tape Crystals

Portals and crystals in DANYOL’s art are vastly complex and are many in this particular piece. DANYOL has described his portals as being created in dreams where the form of his enclosed fingers create shapes or windows into other dimensions. Viewers are transported through many portals in this particular work of Modern art. The first portal involves a simple act as if looking through a window. The picture plane itself offers an already strange but majestic view into a dark but calming world. Just inside a shape of only four side onlookers sway up and down under a glittery sky. Once inside this world the artist has created for his audience, explorers can traverse a sea of cool duct tape towards another portal made of crystal. This portal is more alive with color and electrifies the viewer with energy and movement. This giant crystal juts out from a mystic ocean of duct tape and almost invite people to enter or climb into it. If the person lost in this cool duct tape art were to look up or even enter the portal they would be overwhelmed with vibrant and massive stretches of color as is typical with much of DANYOL’ls neon duct tape artwork. The portals in DANYOL’s fine art here seem especially infinite and forever changing.

© 2017 Duct Tape DANYOL featured in: Culture Hog Magazine