Duct Tape Creations and Fine Art

They’re not duct tape creations worth seeing unless there’s a mass of vibrant colors that explode from vast abyss of black glitter. This piece offers a view into another world of color where there’s vibrant colors of duct tape so bright that even where things are gray and monochromatic gentle salmon colors are even noticeable. Here is a portal to this world that rips open from a majestic void of darkness that gently shimmers and sparkles. The creator of this duct tape art is instantly recognizable, since only DANYOL can offer such an eruption of color and drama in his world of duct duct tape art.

There’s a web of creativity and skill in this particular painting by DANYOL. The elements of these duct tape creations, including the bases for this fantastic setting, are consciously applied by DANYOL. This glitter art puts it’s viewer in outer space feeling overwhelmed and secluded but also somehow at peace. DANYOL uses a form of glitter paint to create this by first applying black acrylic and then layering it with large specks of black glitter. The vastness of this glitter paint surrounds a spiked and pointed shape. DANYOL calls such shapes in his duct tape art portals. If one considers how this shape interacts with the glitter art around it, it really does pull the viewer into a world much different than the one around it just as a portal should. The portal in this incredible duct duct tape art piece is further accentuated with intelligent design and craft. One way that DANYOL’s experience and skill in and with the elements of design explode in this beautiful duct duct tape art are with delicate and meticulous line work. Cloud Portal by DANYOL is a beautiful example of how the artist uses oil paint and strong lines to add shape and depth to his duct duct tape art. As in all his duct tape wall art the artist used colored duct tape as well to craft his otherworldly art. Each of DANYOL’s portals contain a colorful musical score. Each expansive vertical line of colored duct tape seems to represent a note or piece of mysterious information that interacts and dances with the others. All of the elements of a well designed network of creativity merging with artistic skill are present and clear in this beautiful original work of art.

Color in Duct Tape Creations

It’s obvious here how DANYOL’s duct duct tape creations are so much more alive than banal masking duct tape art of other artist or art with duct tape that is only one color. The sheer vibrancy of the artist’s color palettes in all of DANYOL’s colored duct duct tape artwork alone makes these portals captivating and more interesting. Contrast too, especially between the way the purple and orange duct tapes interact, make the world beyond the portal in this duct duct tape art seem to move. DANYOL even has this magical capability to make even the dullest of shades come alive with color in the minds of the viewer. There are several bands of black, gray, silver, and even white duct tape at the end of this piece that still magically seem to vibrate with a salmon or light neutral red. Implied color and all of the earlier mentioned skills with color, line, and shape, and much more all work intricately together to form a much more interesting experience than any masking tape wall art.

© 2017 Duct Tape DANYOL featured in: Culture Hog Magazine