Masking Tape Painting Designs that Sparkle

This unique art is DANYOL’s introduction into portal work. DANYOL himself would consider this a quintessential addition to his collection of duct tape art. This very rare art-form exhibits many of the signature traits that people have come to see in his portal works. Famous unique artists would be able to identify several interesting forms and masking tape painting designs in Untitled II that make for an enticing composition. The background is something to drift aimlessly in forever. People always comment on the surreal and space-like qualities of the black glitter DANYOL uses around his unique art paintings. It’s very clear to see why this shimmering space is so interesting to people in this unique art design. The most prominent attention-grabber is the clusters of vibrantly colored stalagmites. DANYOL refers to these as portals but their appearance and their purpose is nothing but ambiguous. These overwhelming pin-striped shapes of color are mysterious and makes the artistic design interesting. DANYOL goes even further by giving the portals volume as if they were crystals beamed in from another world. The artist uses rich glossy oil paint to facet the portal shapes. This adds depth to them. The black lines of oil paint as well as the stroke of white duct tape around the portals adds another layer of complex intrigue. This masterpiece is the first of its kind. This wonderfully unique art screams with all the beautiful attributes of DANYOL’s portal artworks. Unique artists from all over are in awe at the wonderful use of design and mystery used to create such a new kind of artwork.

Unique Masking Tape Painting Designs

If there was a recipe for unique art, DANYOL would indeed be master chef. This unique art is a textbook example of a visually pleasing and picturesque composition. It has been made clear throughout all history that some compositions are more interesting and pleasing than others. Famous unique artists from all over would agree that DANYOL has a talent of designing magnificent compositions with his glitter, duct tape, and paint. DANYOL has got the combination of these magical elements down perfectly. It is this unique combination that makes his compositions interesting. And DANYOL knows how to mix elements together to form perfect masterly and unique masking tape painting designs.

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