Modern Art Portraits and U.S. History

It might be surprising that the art of shaving can come in such a beautifully majestic form as this. But it’s clear to see in this serious, masterful, and totally original decorative duct tape art and portrait depicting Ambrose Burnside in his stunning [and pink] grandeur. DANYOL never ceases to astound his duct tape art fans even when it comes to his own hair art and the art of shaving. Here before the world is a very large and well-crafted tape art piece as only he can deliver. Though it may not at first be apparent why, it certainly seems appropriate that this American soldier, Ambrose Burnside, be depicted in a glorious and proud fashion as in this very special art of shaving tape art piece. This opportunity for DANYOL to display the art of shaving is also his chance to show how his creativity can be used masterfully and insightful.

In a sense this is the grand manner painting of facial hair art. Seen in this very peculiar art of shaving tape art piece is a strong figure in front of a textured and cool duct tape background. Ambrose Burnside stands calm, collected, contemplative, and prepared in the center of the tape art piece but with his gaze slightly off to his right. The senator and soldier consumes most of the space on the canvas giving him a majestic presence. Most notable though in this art of shaving is his beautiful furry pink mustache and sideburns. The beard art stretches up to his bare head. Even the eye brows of Ambrose Everette Burnside here are constructed with beautiful vibrant fur that stretches away from the canvas and accentuating his dark and stern gaze. Every soldier and politician should be so lucky to have such a grand and powerful duct tape portrait made of them like this.

Unique Tape Art in The Art of Shaving Portraiture

DANYOL in his beautifully constructed duct tape portrait of Ambrose Burnside questions standards on beauty and what people desire in typical portraiture paintings as well as other duct tape crafts. Despite some being perplexed by these conflicts, this is actually the perfect example of how to depict such a brilliant and powerful leader in a respectable and honorable fashion. As seen in his other duct tape projects, DANYOL is clearly saying that this is in fact beauty and strength. You can see the strength in the material alone. Everyone knows that duct tape is indestructible! That’s why DANYOL is so obviously excited to incorporate a strong craft tape, specifically duct tape, into this art of shaving. You can see more of this strength in the texture all around this painting. The duct tape creates a strong feeling of texture in the background and especially in the face of Ambrose Burnside. It is clearly evident that this is all made out to be a desirable choice of beauty in DANYOL’s duct tape designs. DANYOL has made some very wise color choices. In this art of shaving portrait there are cool colors that pull and bright and warm colors that lead. This is all visually descriptive of the great general, Ambrose Burnside. Here the artist is saying that such a great man should be depicted in beauty. So why not, especially in the art of shaving, depict this beauty with bring pink faux fur? The artist has made it clear that this gentleman is to be respected and that pink fur is, despite popular belief, a wonderful choice to decorate it with. All of these wonderful and magical tape art design choices reinforce a sadly unpopular belief that bright pink is no matter how masculine a wonderful and beautiful color.

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