Portrait Art that everyone Understands

This Gandhi image and portrait exhibits some of DANYOL’s most impressive duct tape design ideas. This Gandhi art is also as well an exquisite example of his portraits as means to convey feeling through the art of color.

Construction of the Gandhi image

The colors of Organized Chaos made from beautiful, mostly bright green duct tape are a welcome paradox. The overall feeling of this duct tape Gandhi art is cool and calming as any well crafted Hindu image should be. However, the arrangement of vibrant and rapidly moving green strips of duct tape in the background seem to want to leap off of the canvas. The neutral and cool blues, grays, and greens throughout this calming duct tape art convey a sense of peace, but the action in its application make the colors and feelings more obtainable and easy to absorb into the viewer of this magnificent duct tape Gandhi image.

Transcending to Gandhi art

In The United States you could punch Gandhi image into your laptop and see a million different copies of Gandhi’s smiling face. In other parts of the world you see the Gandhi image as well as all sorts of Gandhi art in the streets, in temples, and even in people’s homes. So which is it?! Has DANYOL created a beautiful rendition of true Gandhi art or is this just another piece of something as common as a poster or political propaganda? If art is expression, then DANYOL has certainly provided a shining example of Gandhi art. The expressive and vibrant colors alone in this piece of Gandhi art are proof enough that DANYOL has got what it takes to transform any image from popular culture of any culture to a commentary on the world. This particular image of Gandhi is a welcome change to the heaps of images before it.

© 2017 Duct Tape DANYOL featured in: Culture Hog Magazine