Portrait Painter Works with Duct Tape

This is a brief story of DANYOL’s unique creativity. Here is a glimpse into the methodologies of a portrait painter who knows no limits. Here will be discussed a great deal of the avant garde and the creative process.

New chapters of art history continue to be written. There’s always an army of Bohemian artists waiting to fuel the latest sensation. DANYOL often is the leader of this group. This portrait painter in particular keeps his artwork very contemporary. DANYOL is constantly fueling this fire. People often consider him part of the latest avant garde. His duct tape medium is unique. And the number of artist working in such a way is very small. Even the few that do partake, do so in a less skillful manner. DANYOL may just be a portrait painter, but ahead of the curve at all times.

Every fiber of DANYOL’s canvases are original. And the artist’s content is as unique as the duct tape he works with. This work is a kick in the teeth already! It’s very obvious that something less traditional is happening here. This is an example of seeing the process of creation that reveals something about the work. The work is a 3-billion word biography of the portrait artist. DANYOL is showing an exaggerated image of himself. This might be what he thinks of himself. It may reflect a general attitude. But know DANYOL personally, it can be safely stated that it’s probably an image of what people view him as. The expression alone is different. The meaning behind the expression is unique as well. But the person behind the portrait is the most fascinating and beautiful aspect of the work.

A portrait can often portray more than a person. This portrait painter often feels like a mouse. Sometimes this particular portrait painter feels he doesn’t have a large presence in groups. He is small, yes, but his works of art definitely convey much substance to any cause. DANYOL is a talented, skilled, thoughtful, and edgy artist not to go unnoticed.

The Process of a Portrait Painter

The portrait painter being discussed has a unique style ver different than others. You can see this clearly at Marvin Mattelson’s website.

DANYOL can layout a portrait in just a couple minutes if he needs to. He often uses common methods like grids and photography to help him work even more efficiently. But his skill and speed with drafting, especially portraits, is probably record-breaking. However the creative process is always a long one. There were many steps before it, but an important one for this painting was the photograph. Surely DANYOL went through many expressions of many sorts, but used a camera to capture this one. This may not have been his favorite but was definitely the perfect face for the portrait. The face of the portrait painter was then laid out on canvas with black paint marker. This, with gray details, became the outline for a magical new duct tape portrait. This is the visual result of years of practice, experience, and skill.

Most people don’t know anyone who is a portrait painter and a duct tape artist. And while his medium is interesting the portrait painter usually utilizes an intriguing process to creating his works as well. DANYOL is a story teller. He likes to take many photos along the way so that people and collectors get a chance to see how it’s done. DANYOL has always enjoyed presenting his artworks to individual buyers and galleries in this fashion. It makes perfect sense that someone with such a unique, insightful, and visually creative process would want to document it.


People are usually much more than their colleagues and contemporaries can see. DANYOL, the portrait painter, is no different. This artist is ahead of a challenging game. This artist is different, tackling new mediums, and challenging old methods. Though it’s a work in progress most of DANYOL’s peers cannot wait to see what art collection this one ends up in.

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