Portrait of Banjo in Duct Tape

The most skilled portraiture artists of the art world should undoubtedly be able to capture their subjects’ values and feelings. An articulate portrait painter depicts an intimate expression of the subject’s thoughts, their heart, and the passions in between. All of this is evident in The Portrait of Banjo, a portrait painting by DANYOL. And it’s clear right away that this portrait painter puts every last one of his skills in painting portraits and designing abstract portraits forth to capture such a personable moment in this portrait.

The Hot and Cold of Portrait Illustration

This duct tape art is a tug of war, including many elements¬†that are¬†utilized to portray a very exclusive experience between the viewer and the subject. It may not be noticeable, but the background here even plays a powerful role in this particular duct tape artwork. The portraiture artist, DANYOL, knows that background is not just to be blank space surrounding a subject. Instead it is an opportunity to show people patterns and colors as means to express feelings. The feelings here are perhaps those of the subject. Clearly depicted here is a rich Victorian pattern that has a welcoming and inviting warmth about it that could be perceived as calm, but it is still bright and bold. If one were to move from the background to the foreground they’d notice changes. They’d see the slightly striking use of composition in this portrait. The main figure of Banjo is just to the right of center. This creates a more unsettling but also more sincere effect. Finally they’d get to the most sincere element of this entire piece! It has to be Banjo’s gaze at the viewer. The subject stares directly back at the viewer with bright blue eyes that leap from the picture plane. He looks with no judgement but only interest. One would imagine the viewer returning the passionate stare back into the eyes of the sincere Banjo because they would feel comfortable. This is most likely because DANYOL has created an intense, however heartfelt and warm scenario for the two parties involved using flawless and unmistakable elements of design.

© 2017 Duct Tape DANYOL featured in: Culture Hog Magazine