This work by DANYOL, Tabula Rasa, is a superior example of the nostalgia and feelings that all of DANYOL’s works convey. With the mere impasto of applied colored duct tape and intelligent use of color choices, the artist again has expressed an overwhelming sense of past and emotion in just one of his works. DANYOL repeatedly uses wise and conscious choices in not only his style and technique but choices in his design elements such as color.

“Tabula Rasa” is one of many self portraits made by DANYOL over the years including many valuable elements of design. As always one notices quickly the colored duct tape choices the artist makes. In this particular work we experience many neutral and cool colors throughout the whole piece with the exception of a splash of vibrant red colored duct tape found off-center attached to the figure of a bird and some berries. Viewers will also inevitably notice the pale skin tone of the subject, which is a reoccurring color choice in all of DANYOL’s [self] portraits. All of the colors are results of decisions that were made to contribute to the overall mood and feeling of the piece. It goes without saying that one will also enjoy the immense texture found in this and all of DANYOL’s colored duct tape works. Both color choices as well as the texture that is typical of DANYOL’s paintings add to the overall tone of the work as well. This self portrait is masterful because of its many intentional choices of color, texture, and tone or feeling.

Colored Duct Tape in Art

Highly saturated red pigment may not be the best evolutionary color choice for perhaps a bird for the creature will be bright, bold, and noticed quickly by any predator or otherwise onlooker. Furthermore a beautiful bright red cardinal will stand out like a statue or idol when placed inside a calming environment of grays, whites, browns, and blues. The background of Tabula Rasa is light enough to pair and blend with the pale figure but also warm enough to lead into a bold red bird that seems to jut out on his branch from the canvas. Overall the background of this painting is neutral and calming and its feeling is all attributed to the choice in the color of the tape. Even the figure, which may seem like the focal point of the portrait, is dull, white, black, with only a bit of brown as any sort of color. Viewers appreciate the craftsmanship as well as the content of the face and bowler hat in DANYOL’s self portrait, but by no means does it stand out with saturation. The man’s face as well as the background recede peacefully and quietly into the background. However, as if it had flown into the canvas from a universe far away, a beautiful bright red bird sits perched on the edge of a branch with brightly saturated red berries. This red bird seems to be the focal point of the duct tape portrait and seems to be the main idea or perhaps just feeling that DANYOL wishes to convey. As it is definitely the most highlighted color and subject of the painting, eyes and thoughts all gravitate towards the bird. All of the colors used in this painting encourage the viewer’s inquisition, but most intriguing is that dynamic red cardinal peering off into a cool and calm horizon.

© 2017 Duct Tape DANYOL featured in: Culture Hog Magazine