Tape Art Canvas with Strange Dimensions

This isn’t just a strong example of tape art canvas that DANYOL covers with magical colors of duct tape. These rich and vibrant splashes of paint show the inspiration and the single catalyst for a strong stylistic change in works for the artist. This canvas painting became such a beacon of change in the artist’s style as well as in his personal life that it earned a name. He refers to the images and motifs in his latest style of Abstract Art shown here “Portals.” These sticky and organic portals into who-knows-what realms of The Cosmos have endured a recent long run of inspirational oil and acrylic paint works. This work is an example, a milestone, and perhaps even a portal itself into the next chapters of DANYOL’s life and works.

DANYOL and Tape Art Canvas

Though this art still seems to include a motif often seen in The Modern Art movement Pop, this transformation in style for DANYOL is more about Abstract Art or Non-Objective Art. But why would anyone consider an artist so well known to paint figurative works on canvas and his new series of work more as Abstract Art? Simply put, Fisting Portal is more abstract. There is no recognizable image that is seen from the natural world; There is merely paint, colored duct tape, and glitter to create patches of color on a tape art canvas. Perhaps not duct tape crafts, but surely an arrangement of non-identifiable shapes and colors is a simple yet fundamental aspect of Abstract Art. DANYOL has used duct tape in his works for a long time and used color as a tool of conveyance for a far longer time, but color in this Abstract Art is particularly interesting. In fact, the specific use of patches of colored duct tape to send the viewer a message or feeling is what makes this Abstract Art. DANYOL clearly is relying more on color than things he has seen in the world to accomplish his goals as an artist. Perhaps it’s from looking at his past works and it’s well known that DANYOL uses a motif which is usually an identifiable object. However here DANYOL has shifted his acrylic paint and duct tape paintings of nature that might hang in The French and English Solons of the 1800’s to paint on canvas that would hang better in The MOMA here in The Twenty-First Century.

Here’s some more tape art.

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