A Tape Art Painting with a Bit of Fuzz

Texture can be created by a number of different, sometimes unusual, medias such as tape art painting. Texture is one of the most underappreciated aspects of fine art. Perhaps this is because it is not especially varied in most visual media. As an element that stimulates multiple sense (sight and touch) one would think it was ripe for use by creative minds who enjoy playing with perception. And yet it so often goes ignored in favor of further experimentation with visual design, experimentation that leaves certain tropes unchallenged. More often than not, paintings look and feel like paint on canvas, photographs are printed on the same material, and sculptures forgo a unique grain for accuracy of vision. It sure would be nice to have some furry art right about now!

It is usually in mixed media that texture has a chance to shine, if only because the specifics of the genre invariably lead to more unusual superficial appearances (i.e. if you incorporate metallic objects into an oil painting by affixing them to the canvas, the piece’s texture will automatically stand out). As such, any time an artist chooses to work with wildly different materials, they must keep in mind the possible affects of that combination as something altogether removed from the realm of simple visual aesthetics. And the best way to deal with an unusual element like this is, of course, to embrace it.

Portals in Tape Art Painting

This fuzzy art uses textures like fuzzy fabric in tape art painting and layers of duct to both create a specific image and endow the frame with enough abstract elements to maintain some ambiguity. Despite the apparent whimsical simplicity of the work, its confidence in its medium (or rather, media such as fuzzy fabric in this tape art painting) is enough to open up what may look like a random combination of colored materials to something more meaningful. And “open” is definitely an important word here.

At first glance, Fuzzy Trip might not look like anything in particular other than faux fur. It consists of various parallel strips of duct tape—colored blue, green, brown, red, and predominantly, pink—with a mass of faux-fur stuck smack dab in the center, with all of this being bookended by a final strip of black glitter made to look like endless space. The piece could be, rather accurately, described as abstract furry art made from fuzzy fur. The fuzzy fabric in this particular tape art painting could rightly be anything and also mean anything. Yet the contrast between the colors and the black approximation of space, along with the knob-like protrusion of furry fabric in the middle, brings to mind a certain ubiquitous image that, regardless of intent, cannot be denied: it looks like a portal.

The Deep End of this Fuzzy Art

One might look at this tape art painting and, without hesitation, identify it as a vision of a strange, colorful door leading to the vacuum of space. The meticulous use of color and texture, specifically fuzzy fabric, certainly supports this furry art interpretation. But what’s behind this faux fur? A fair interpretation of the fuzzy tape art painting could be that the work is in fact commenting on itself—or rather, any and all art like it. The use of a twee, almost ostentatious door as a portal into an infinite void can easily be read as a defense of kitsch. DANYOL may well be saying here that there is more to the sort of furry art he produces than meets the eye.

© 2017 Duct Tape DANYOL featured in: Culture Hog Magazine